Senior Physics Gameplay Engineer – Treyarch


Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Do you like building reactive and dynamic worlds? Do you care about filling characters with the feel of life and fluid motion?

At Treyarch, we want to push the capabilities of physics simulations, vehicle gameplay, motion synthesis and animation systems across the Call of Duty Universe!

If that sounds appealing, then you could be an excellent fit for our Treyarch Gameplay team! We are looking for engineers with a strong background in math who can apply their skills to develop exciting features for Call of Duty.

As a Senior Physics Gameplay Engineer, you will be working closely with our designers, animators, artists, and fellow engineers to bring the Call of Duty experience to a whole new level for millions of fans to enjoy.

What to expect…

To join our team, you will need to harness your strengths in C/C++ to debug, tune and optimize gameplay systems such as physics, vehicle simulation, character locomotion, cloth simulation, collision detection, destructible objects and more.

What you’ll do…

  • Collaborate with designers, animators, and other content developers to craft immersive new gameplay technologies and features.
  • Contribute to content and functionality designs.
  • Improve physics, vehicle, animation, and other similar domain pipelines to boost team efficiency.
  • Engage in playtests with your teammates and offer feedback, discuss gameplay, and analyze performance or game fidelity.
  • Show newcomers how to build believable worlds and sharpen their skills through mentoring of less experienced engineering teammates.

To succeed you should have…

  • A strong passion for helping make games move well and feel fun and enjoyable for our fans.
  • A college degree in Computer Science, or equivalent education or experience that enables you to work within our C/C++ code systems.
  • The strong 3D math and linear algebra skills required to work on physics, animation, and dynamic simulation code.
  • The ability to team up with dev partners across the studio and the Call of Duty franchise to brainstorm ideas, align on goals, roadmap, iterate, and get things to the finish line.

You are a great fit if your philosophy is to…

  • Commit to doing things the right way, even when it is difficult.
  • Value diversity and differences in others.
  • Ensure discussions include every voice that has something to say.
  • Strive to learn from the knowledge and experiences of those around you.

We love hearing from anyone who is enthusiastic about changing the games industry. Not sure you meet all qualifications? Let us decide! Research shows that women and members of other under-represented groups tend to not apply to jobs when they think they may not meet every qualification, when, in fact, they often do! At Activision Blizzard, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment and strongly encourage you to apply.