Staff Research Associate I


Los Angeles, CA, USA
UCLA Health


The Semel Institute is seeking to hire a part time limited, Staff Research Associate I to work on a short-term basis. Responsibilities will include:
* Supporting the Project Manager and other team members with project coordination.
* Assisting with programming the baseline survey assessments (youth, parent) conducted at the enrollment sites, as well as the 12-month parent follow-up self-administered surveys.
* Monitoring and tracking survey completion and entry into the data system with support of statistician.
* Screening and recruitment of eligible youth, during designated recruitment periods.
* Implementation of the screening, informed consent, enrollment, and initial baseline surveys.
* Notifying intervention staff that a participant has been enrolled and is ready for the SAFETY-A intervention.
* Coordination with the survey group and coordinating center and rigorously following project protocols at the site.
* Timely completion of all required data entry, record keeping and data inquiries.


* Ability to coordinate data collection and data entry for research studies/program activities across sites.
* Ability to interact appropriately and congenially with all staff, faculty, students, patients and the public at all times.
* Ability to schedule patient, program, and administrative appointments and meetings accurately.
* Skill at prioritizing and tracking assignments and ability to work concurrently on several projects.
* Ability to function effectively with several interruptions.
* Ability to work independently and follow through on tasks with minimal direction.
* High level ability in the use of a PC using all Windows applications.
* Ability to enter and track data and manage research data base.
* Ability in the use of SPSS, excel, powerpoint, word, and other standard programs.
* Skill in maintaining organized filing systems.
* Skill in editing reports, correspondence, manuals, etc., for grammar and punctuation.
* Ability to maintain confidentiality in the strictest sense.
* Skill in maintaining accurate timekeeping.
* Familiarity with child and adolescent psychiatric disorders/mental health/functioning concerns.
* High school diploma required, BA in related field preferred
* Comply with Health System Workplace Conduct Policy and Workplace Conduct Policy.
* Comply with Health System Dress Code Policy and practices
* Has driver’s license, automobile, and insured in order to be able to drive independently between program
* sites.
* Ability to speak Spanish in case fieldwork requires translation.